…. And I also remember when I was just getting into the relationship that I’m in now, I was feeling panicked, because it had been years since I’d been in a serious relationship. And I was feeling jealous and insecure, like “What if they were to leave me for somebody else? Or what if the same thing happened to me that the last person I dated did to me?” I kept thinking that the worst thing in the world was imagining this person being with somebody else, and leaving some kind of evidence behind for the other person to sort of romanticize. So it’s weird to be in a relationship and you’re totally happy, but you’re like, “You know, loving you has made me incredibly fearful, and all I can think about is when you’ll inevitably hurt me.” I was completely transfixed on how it would end, and how it would be really terrible.

Sara Quin. In an interview by Pure Volume.
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